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You’ve heard the expression that “it’s all in the details,” and wood corbels fit that bill. Although corbels can come in many varieties, at Reliance Timber, we specialize in wood versions. They can add a dash of decoration to your home and serve a specific, functional purpose. Wood corbels are supports that jut out from the wall and can bear weight. Wood corbels are solid and generally to the shape of the letter “s” or a scroll. They can add a unique touch to your log home or cabin.


Curious about the word “corbel?” It comes from Latin, and it’s a diminutive version of the word “corvus,” which translates to “raven,” which implies a beak appearance. Whether you see that reflected in the wood corbels we offer here at Reliance Timber is up to your interpretation.


Reliance Timber wood corbels are available in various species, surfaces, and sizes. Just give us a call or contact us here for more information.

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Available in various species, surfaces, and sizes.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 25 in