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Rough Sawn Western Red Cedar (RS WRC)

Rough sawn or rough-cut timber means that this lumber type is untreated and cut into planks. It is generally more resilient than other types of lumber but also carries extra moisture because it hasn’t been kiln-dried.


Cedar is famous for its appearance, durability, and weather resistance – ideal for various applications where lumber sits in the elements. Cedar’s natural oils and preservatives protect from weather, bugs, fungi, and algae. Rough Sawn Cedar boards are versatile and attractive, chosen mainly for their raised grain and rustic appearance. Tannish brown, the rough sawn cedar grain pattern is tight with few knots.


It is also thicker than finished wood. It allows the woodworker to have enough wood for a reasonable margin of error while also saving money. DIY woodworkers and hobbyists prefer rough-sawn lumber for their projects as it is economical and can work with quality wood.

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Rough sawn, full dimension, color variation.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 80 in