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Tongue & Groove – Nickel Gap

An excellent choice for siding, tongue-and-groove nickel gap shiplap hides nails with an overlapping pattern that provides a smoother overall look. The overlapping boards in a nickel gap style hide nails and maintain a clean finish.


With standard siding, a carpenter puts one nail down through the top and one nail towards the bottom in the board’s face, so you have to putty the holes before you can apply the stain or paint the final coat. Tongue and groove solves this problem for carpenters and builders with a product they can nail blindly through the tongue rather than nailing the piece on the face.


When you install two boards together, there is a one-eighth-inch gap, roughly the size of a nickel, hence the name Nickel Gap. Nickel Gap tongue and groove can be installed horizontally, vertically, or even at an angle.


Reliance Timber offers Nickel Gap Tongue and Groove in various sizes, patterns, and species.

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Product Features

  • Available in various sizes, patterns, and species
  • Weather and pest resistant
  • Creates uniform gaps between each board
  • Cost-efficient compared to other options
  • Easy to install
  • A very fashionable design trend

Watch the video below to learn more about nickel gap tongue and groove.

FAQ’s about Shiplap vs Tongue and Groove

What is Cheaper: Nickel Gap Shiplap or Tongue and Groove?

Nickel gap shiplap is often cheaper than tongue and groove because the amount of time and labor required for installation are typically less.

When Should I Use Nickel Gap Shiplap?

Many factors need to be considered when choosing between nickel gap shiplap vs tongue and groove. The key issues being climate (only if you are planning to use them for the home exterior), budget, and your overall preference between the two.

What If I’m Still Not Sure?

To help make a final decision between nickel gap shiplap and tongue and groove, asking yourself:

  • Will it bother me to see nails left over from installation?
  • What color or finish do I envision for the space?
  • How much space do I prefer between the boards?

You can always reach out to our experts at Reliance Timber for more insight and guidance.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 in