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Hardwood Flooring

Grade Choices

Choose from two stock grades as well as many proprietary options regarding grade and lengths.

Character Grade – is milled from a #1 or #2 common grade of lumber. This grade will have tight knots and mineral streaking or natural color variations for a more rustic floor.

Select & Better Grade – has very few if any knots, mineral streaks, or worm holes. This grade is milled from a higher grade of hardwood lumber.

Domestic Wood Species

As a lumber company in North Carolina, we understand the importance of domestic wood species in the construction industry. Domestic wood species are those that are found and harvested within the United States. Some of the most popular domestic wood species in our region include oak, pine, hickory, and maple. These species are known for their durability, strength, and beauty, which makes them ideal for a variety of construction projects, from flooring and furniture to decking and siding.

We take great pride in sourcing our domestic wood species from sustainable forests, which ensures that our products are not only high-quality but also environmentally friendly. Our team of experts carefully selects each piece of lumber to ensure that it meets our high standards, and we offer a range of finishes and treatments to help our customers get the exact look and functionality they need. Whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, we have the domestic wood species you need to bring your project to life.

View Wood Species Types


American Cherry

American Cypress

Aromatic Cedar


Australian Cypress


Birdseye Maple

Curly Maple

Domestic New Heart Pine

Douglas Fir

Euro Beech

Hard Maple



Pecky Cypress


Quartered Sawn Red Oak

Quartered White Oak

Red Birch

Red Oak

Rift & Quartered Red Oak

Rift & Quartered White Oak

Rift White Oak

Walnut (Steamed)

White Oak

White Pine

Wormy Chestnut

Wormy Maple

Wormy Red Oak

Yellow Birch

Yellow Pine

Exotic Wood Species

We offer a range of exotic wood species for those looking for something unique and distinct in their construction projects. Exotic wood species are harvested from countries outside of the United States, and offer unique features and benefits. These species are known for their rich colors, unique grain patterns, and exceptional durability. While they may be more expensive than domestic wood species, they offer a luxurious finish that is hard to match.

We take great care to source our exotic wood species from responsible sources, and select each piece of lumber with precision and care. We offer a range of finishes and treatments to help our customers achieve the exact look and functionality they desire.

View Wood Species Types

Brazilian Cherry

Caribbean Heart Pine

Cumaru (Brazilian Teak)

IPE (Brazilian Walnut)

Santos Mahogany



Other wood species available upon request.