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Wild Hog Panel Railing

Wild Hog Panels, born from sturdy welded hog farm panels, have been transformed into smaller, custom-made panels perfect for diverse railing applications. Crafted with a 6 gauge welded 4″x4″ mesh pattern, these panels offer an unrivaled combination of visibility, durability, and versatility in both residential and commercial designs.

 No matter what nature throws their way, these panels stand strong, guarding your space with unwavering strength. Wild Hog Panels are also designed to offer a contrast to high wooden fences or plastic balusters that block the view of your land. Enjoy your surroundings, and go for the clear choice.

Shop Hog Wild Railing – Deck Railing Panels


Enhance your deck railing with the captivating strength and unique style of Wild Hog Railing Panels. Whether you have a cozy mountain cabin or a charming ranch-style home, these panels are the missing piece that adds lasting charm to your space. Built from durable 6 gauge steel, zinc primed, and powder-coated, Wild Hog panel deck railings withstand the elements for years to come.

Elevate your deck with Tahoe Hog Woven Mesh Panels, the ideal choice for an unobstructed view and a rustic or industrial look. These durable panels are made of woven 3/8" thick steel wire, designed to be placed between level wood or metal rails. Over time, the steel wire naturally rusts, creating an authentic rustic appearance that adds character to your deck.

Transform your deck with the striking Black Tahoe Panels. Crafted from sturdy woven 3/8" thick steel wire, these panels effortlessly fit between level wood or metal rails. Choose from a range of finishes, including a long-lasting powder-coated matte black, ensuring enduring style and resilience for your deck.

The Smoky Mountain panel is expertly crafted from 1/4-inch thick steel. The woven wire is skillfully crimped at the cross points and treated with zinc priming and powder coating, ensuring remarkable durability. These hog wire panels create an attractive and cost-effective deck railing that will withstand the test of time.

Stainless Steel Wild Hog Panels are designed to add a sleek and long-lasting finish to your outdoor space. The 4x4 welded mesh pattern not only offers excellent visibility as a level rail panel but also allows for seamless trimming, ensuring a consistent square pattern when utilized as a stair rail panel. When you choose Wild Hog panel deck railing, you're selecting a railing solution that is not only incredibly resilient but also demands minimal maintenance.

Introducing the innovative U.S.S. Stainless Steel Wild Hog Panels, now available with a powder coat black finish, guaranteeing a streamlined aesthetic for your upcoming project. Opt for the Wild Hog Stealth Panels to experience the pinnacle of durability and low-maintenance excellence.

Hog Panel Deck Railing

The beautiful vistas of North Carolina are meant to be enjoyed, not blocked by tall railings or fences. Enter Wild Hog Panels, the perfect solution for maintaining safe railings without losing your view.

Wild Hog Panels can easily be used to create an elevated deck railing, an eye-catching garden fence, or a  balcony railing. Their seamless integration with diverse architectural styles allows them to complement your natural surroundings.

Interior Metal Railing Panels

  • Experience the remarkable transformation that Wild Hog Panels bring to the interior of your home. Designed with you in mind, these panels have evolved from their origins as big and bulky welded panels used in livestock applications. Now available in smaller sizes, they offer an ideal solution for a wide range of railing applications. 


Whether you’re looking to accentuate your staircase, create a distinctive balcony railing, or add a touch of elegance to your loft, Wild Hog Panels offer endless possibilities. Their modern design seamlessly blends with various interior styles, allowing you to create a space that truly reflects your unique taste and personality.


Wild Hog Panels also offer a clear and unobstructed view, allowing natural light to flow through your living spaces while maintaining a sense of security. 

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