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We Craft the Finest Timber Frames.

Timber Framing utilizes exposed heavy timbers to frame the structure instead of slender dimensional lumber (for example, 2 x 6-in.) concealed in the wall cavity. Heavy timber is joined together via mortises and tenons, then secured with wooden pegs or timber fasteners. Log Homes utilize profiled logs stacked to a desired wall height.

When it comes to Timberframe homes or roof systems, we can provide as much or as little that you need for the job. Whether you order the timber only, or hire us to fabricate with joinery options and insulation panels, no job is too big or small. We can provide engineered stamped drawings when the job calls for it as well.

Timber Frames for Houses, Cabins, Pavilions, Sheds, and More.

A truss is a collection of timbers that forms principal roof supports. These members are framed together so they behave as a single object to support loads. There are many truss options available.

Show us your design and we’ll be able to assist you in proceeding accordingly with your timber frame. Some of the more popular options are variations of King Post Truss, Arches, Corbels, Hammer Truss.

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Timber Frame Plan Received

Once a timber frame plan is received, we will quote the material list and labor.

Order Placed

Lead time is job specific but typically we expect 4-6 weeks for trusses to be ready for delivery.


Joinery is achieved with a combination of machinery and hand craftsmanship.

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Fine-crafted timber frame delivered straight to your job site.

Turning Timber into Craftsman Timber Frames

We’ve been crafting quality timber frames since 1986.

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Best Wood Types for Timber Frames?

Free of Heart Douglas Fir timber is stable, straight and strong. It performs well either inside the home or on the exterior. The nature of Free of Heart material makes it resistant to season checking (cracks from drying), twisting or bowing. We also offer Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar.

For structural timber frames, we always suggest Free of Heart Douglas Fir. When a client is interested in decorative elements we would also discuss Eastern White Pine.

Douglas Fir is not only strong, straight and stable, it also deters boring bees that could be attracted to other species used in exterior applications.

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Timber Frames