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Hand Hewing

Another product or skill that Reliance Timber offers is hand hewing (or hand hewn logs). Hand hewing is a highly laborious process but worth everything put into it and shows the old-fashioned craftsmanship many homeowners are seeking. Before sawmills were a thing of existence, people used axes or adzes to reform timber rounds to their liking. 


Hand hewing transforms any long wood or timber from a round shape into a square form using only hand-held tools. You are essentially cutting and shaping wood by swinging your tool of choice (we usually use an adze here at Reliance) and making hard blows and cuts along the face of the timber. Hand hewn wood is customized and has stood the test of time.


Reliance Timber offers many hand hewing styles that include Abel’s Antique, Abel’s Scallop, Roy’s Antique Choppy, and Roy’s Scallop.


Watch this video to see our man Roy Watson in action.



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Abel’s Antique, Abel’s Scallop, Roy’s Antique Choppy, Roy’s Scallop.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 in