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Siding – Dolly Varden

Reliance Timber’s Dolly Varden siding is a classic yet rustic type of siding and can be made out of any softwood species.


Reliance Timber makes Dolly Varden Shiplap Siding out of White Pine, W. Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir. It is primarily an exterior siding product and is a special mill cut with a thick beveled face and rabbeted lower edge that laps over the siding below one inch, which protects the joint. 


Unlike standard beveled siding, the back of Dolly Varden siding lays flush against the wall. The Dolly Varden siding system provides a stronger, more durable engineered paneling with qualities not found in solid cedar. It is typically face-nailed above the rabbet edge with a single nail, though wide patterns may require nails on both edges. Dolly Varden siding looks similar to plain Bevel siding. Dolly Varden is thicker than traditional Bevel siding, and is superior for longevity in the world of Bevel sidings. 


Curious as to where Dolly Varden siding gets its unique name? The name has a great backstory. Dolly Varden siding is actually named after a heroine in a Charles Dickens novel titled “Barnaby Rudge.” Dolly Varden was a main character in the novel and dressed in bright, fashionable colors. Not only is siding named after her, but so is a waltz, a trout, and a type of rose. 

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 80 in