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Shiplap – Nickel Gap

Nickel Gap Shiplap from Reliance Timber allows you to achieve a clean, uniform look with your shiplap installation without the labor-intensive process of installing traditional shiplap. Named after the size of the groove, Nickel Gap Shiplap is designed to overlap in a way that covers the nails from each piece. Traditional shiplap has planks butting up right against each other, but nickel gap has gaps that are 1/8th an inch, which is an easy way to create uniformity between the planks. Nickel Gap Shiplap is available in various sizes, patterns, and species.


Check out nickel gap shiplap in action (image taken from WindsorONE):

nickel gap shiplap

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Do you know the difference between Shiplap and Tongue & Groove? Read our blog to learn more!

Where does Nickel Gap get its name? From the idea that you could slip a nickel into each of the spaces. The results create a sleek look.

Nickel gap shiplap is easy to install and is ideal for any number of applications, including walls and ceilings.

Popular home reno TV shows, bloggers, and home decor magazines have made shiplap into one of the hottest trends in interior design!

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