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Hardscape Design: How to Incorporate Timber into Your Backyard

Incorporating timber into your next backyard landscape or hardscape design project is a great way to spruce up your outdoor space. Using landscaping timbers is suitable for various applications, including raised garden beds, fire pit conversation areas, decks, pergolas, cookout pavilions, porches, and more.

Backyard hardscape design is a low-cost, low-maintenance way to improve the curb appeal of your property. But, what is backyard hardscape design?

What Is Hardscape Design?

Hardscaping is integrating non-living materials into your landscaping design. Hardscaping design includes non-living elements like timber, rocks, decorative stones, bricks, pavers, and concrete.

While landscaping refers to the living, “soft” elements of an outdoor design and hardscaping includes the non-living, “hard” features; getting them to work together harmoniously in your plan is vital.

Hardscape Design Ideas

You can go for a sleek, modern look for your backyard, a rustic, natural look, or anything in-between with hardscape design. There are endless possibilities for creating any aesthetic you imagine. Here are some simple hardscape design ideas that can get you started.

Create a Deck Retreat

Reliance Timber Wood Feature Hardscape Design

An excellent hardscape design idea extends your outdoor living space with a gorgeous deck or an island deck sanctuary. You can build island decks amongst a garden, and decks can be connected to the home for a premium outdoor space just steps from your back door.

Build an Outdoor Stairway

Using white pine, cedar, or Douglas fir, create a simple timber stairway that provides an element of height variation to your backyard hardscape design.

Using timber along with pea gravel creates a versatile look that can match the aesthetic of your home and yard, depending on the specific wood and layout you choose to use.

Give Your Garden Beds an Edge

In-ground flower beds and gardens can transform the look of your yard, especially when edged in a wooden border made of cedar, white pine, or Douglas fir. Doing so will add definition to the space and enhance the area’s natural beauty.

Using timber for garden bed edging also can help prevent invasive weeds from infiltrating the garden. It can even help to slow erosion.

Build a Pergola

Reliance Timber Hardscape Design Pergola

Add a pergola to your deck, patio, or pool area to anchor your space and showcase an inviting space. Pergolas are very popular for providing texture, privacy, and shade, and they also make great spots for vertical gardens.

Add a Fire Pit or Conversation Pit

A fun backyard hardscape design includes a fire pit or conversation pit. You can design a fire pit that sits slightly lower than ground level or right at ground level. Using timber to border the fire pit or conversation pit will add an attractive layer of natural beauty to your space that ties all of the elements of your yard together.

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