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Reliance Timber Wood Stairs with Wood Banisters wood idea #3

5 Inspiring Wood Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Next Build

There’s lots of wood ideas out there. People have used wood for generations. It’s a long-lasting construction material, and it’s a fantastic way to add character to any build. While reading this, the first thing that may come to mind for uses of wood is for a log cabin or an outside wooden structure as that’s what Reliance is all about, but we are here to let you know that you can use wood in a lot of other inspiring, alternative ways.

There are an endless amount of wood decor ideas you can implement into your next build or design, and we are going to give you a brief overview of just a few. From butcher’s blocks to staircases, room dividers, and beyond, wood is a sustainable product that can help you to reduce your carbon footprint while also reusing materials that are typically considered trash. Take a look below to get some wood ideas for your next project.

Wood Idea #1: Butcher’s Blocks

Reliance Timber Wood Butchers Block Inspiration wood idea #1

The great thing about a butcher’s block is that you can make it out of almost any wood and any size and thickness you want as well. Many people like to glue pieces of wood together in a grain orientation, making for a unique product at the end. Of course, if you intend to finish your butcher’s block, make sure that you take the time to choose a finish that is safe for food.

Wood Idea #2: Room Dividers

Wood Room Divider Inspiration wood idea #2

Another option would be wooden room dividers. The great thing about room dividers is that you can easily make them in any style. You can create room dividers with an oriental design, or you can go with the sleek modern theme and have glass panels installed. Adding room dividers is one of the best wood ideas for your next build if you want a versatile space.

Wood Idea #3: Wooden Staircases

Reliance Timber Wood Stairs with Wood Banisters wood idea #3

Wooden staircases are certainly coming back. People love the rich and natural warmth that wood can give off, and on top of this, they are ideal for those who want to have that cozy feel with an open-plan layout. Wooden staircases can easily incorporate under-the-stairs storage to match the banister and paneling. Additionally, you may add glass panels into the staircase design if you want to have a more modern appearance.

Wood Idea #4: Coat Rack

Wooden Coat Rack wood idea #4

Practicality is crucial when it comes to open-plan homes. Coat racks are an excellent way for you to add a practical yet decorative accent, not to mention that they are also incredibly versatile, with a vast range of designs available.

Wood Idea #5: Vent Hood

Decorative Wooden Vent Hood wood idea #5

A novel and somewhat new wood decor idea these days are wooden vent hoods. They instantly add warmth and help tie together a kitchen (especially if you want a farmhouse feel). They will quickly become a conversation starter at your next gathering. The most important aspect to remember when designing your hood is your angles. Make sure you have those exactly correct before you embark on your wooden vent hood.

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