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Eastern White Pine vs. Southern Yellow Pine

Eastern White Pine and Southern Yellow Pine are standard, affordable options for those who want to use pine as a building material. However, the decision of Eastern White Pine vs. Southern Yellow Pine can be challenging if you don’t know how the two woods differ.

About Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is a great choice in many areas of construction. While typically not used in structural applications, White Pine is often chosen for its appearance. Ranging from Tongue & Groove paneling to Shiplap paneling used for walls and ceilings, or Siding for Log Homes, it is an ideal choice for those who wish to build with beautiful wood accents. White Pine is also a more stable option versus Yellow Pine and tends to remain good & straight in application.

White Pine is also used in Post & Beam applications, primarily for cosmetic purposes to create beautiful wood accents. 

White Pine, if left natural, fades to a light golden brown over time. It also does a great job of accepting clear coat or stain. When White

About Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine is an alternative to White Pine and is typically used in pressure treated decking applications. Yellow Pine is used as Tongue and Groove flooring, Tongue & Groove wall and ceiling paneling, Post & Beams, and Logs.   

It is a good choice when strength and structure matter, primarily in Post & Beam applications. Yellow Pine products tend to be crooked rather than straight and have a higher waste factor as a result.    

Southern Yellow Pine fades to a golden brown over time and tends to be darker than White Pine. The grain patterns are more visibly defined, compared to the grain of White Pine. Yellow Pine does accept clear coat or stain, although the stain color may vary once applied. 

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