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The Best 3 Timber Frame Outdoor Pavilion Styles

If you want to make sure that you choose the best wood for your next construction project or know that you’re going to be working on many outdoor pavilions, this is the guide for you. Here, you will find out what wood to use, the best wood, the benefits, and the top frame styles you can create. Take a look below to find out more on how to take your wood outdoor pavilion or wood structure up to the next level.

What Wood Is Used For An Outdoor Pavilion?

If you want to build a wood pavilion, you should know that many types of wood are available. You have pressure-treated wood, which is ideal for budget constructions, and you also have red cedar and Western Red Cedar. Cedar is a pricier alternative, but it does come with a natural level of protection.

What Is The Most Rot Resistant Wood?

As a construction worker, you’ll want to make sure that you provide your customers with a product that isn’t going to last months but years. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to the elements, not to mention that it is also incredibly rot-resistant too. The great thing about Western Red Cedar is that it is often very aromatic, with an incredible grain and color. If you want to construct something that looks the part, then this is certainly a good option. It’s also immune to fungal pests and insects. Red Cedar might just be your best option for a wood pavilion.

Douglas fir is next up in the running for most durable and rot resistant.

What Is The Best Timber For Outdoor Use?

Western Red Cedar would undoubtedly be one of the best options for outdoor construction, but there are other options available at the end of the day that offer the same benefits. Some of them include Eastern White Pine and Douglas Fir.

What Wood Lasts The Longest Outdoors?

The wood that will last the longest when it comes to outdoor construction would be Western Red Cedar, purely because it’s not just resistant to rot but also insects and fungal issues. Douglas Fir is also another fantastic option if Western Red Cedar is not available for whatever reason.

What Wood Is Naturally Waterproof?

Cedar is usually good for indoor use and is often used in areas that house water-filled units or pipes. Western Red Cedar is water-resistant, and it has a fantastic color, too, meaning that you can get all of the waterproofing benefits without compromising aesthetics.

What Wood Is Least Likely To Warp?

Redwood has a comparably straight grain, and it also contains a chemical that protects the wood against any kind of moisture infiltration. This alone helps to make it the best option if you are looking for wood that will not warp over time. It’s possible that this could be the go-to choice for your wood pavilion.

The Best 3 Outdoor Timber Frame Pavilion Styles

If you want to move forward with your construction project, here are the top three outdoor pavilion timber frame styles you should consider.

King Post Timber Frame Truss

One style of truss that your pavilion can feature is the king post truss. This truss is popular, timeless, very strong, and an elegantly simple design. Take a peek at one of our own designs below.



Hexagonal Pavilion

The hexagonal timber frame is incredibly versatile, and it is ideal for those who want to construct a BBQ area.



Hammer Beam Pavilion

A hammer beam pavilion is made when two bays create a beautiful repetition in the sculptural trusses of this structure. Though a bit trickier to cut and raise than a frame with common trusses, the result is spectacular.


Why these may be what we consider the best designs, that doesn’t mean we don’t have appreciation for other outdoor pavilions. Like this cedar pavilion with dormers below, for example.


The Benefits of A Wood Outdoor Pavilion

While some benefits of adding a wood pavilion to your backyard may be obvious, others may not be. We’d thought we’d take this opportunity to reinforce why adding this sort of structure to your backyard plans is the way to go.


  • It’s maintenance and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep
  • A Wood Pavilion offers shade and respite in the height of summer
  • You will be able to host events, come rain or shine.
  • A Wood Pavilion can increase property value which can be especially important if you are in the throes of selling your home
  • It acts as a focal point and can bring together an unfinished backyard
  • With a wood pavilion, you are essentially adding square footage to your home