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Carving wood with a chisel, a woodworking tool.

Woodworking for Beginners: Must-Have Woodworking Tools & Terminology

While carpentry typically focuses on the construction of homes and other buildings, woodworking primarily refers to building smaller objects, such as tables, chairs, and bookcases. Woodworking tools are generally smaller and work well for wood in sizes that are easier for one individual to handle.

Woodworking involves smaller do-it-yourself projects, but it’s still important to work with the right equipment. It’s also essential to know how to handle these tools safely.

You might be intrigued by woodworking and want to give it a try, but the amount of equipment involved is intimidating. Fortunately, you can get started with a few basic tools.

Essential Hand Tools for Woodworking

There are some tools that almost everyone uses in crafting their woodworking projects. One example is the circular saw. Since circular saws are extremely versatile, they can take the place of several different wood-cutting tools.

Another essential tool that you’ll use for woodworking is the power drill. An electric drill makes it easier to drill holes in a variety of sizes for screws and other fittings. When shopping for a power drill, you can choose between corded or cordless, key or keyless chucks, and a 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch chuck.

An orbital sander is excellent for sanding your finished pieces since it’s easy to maneuver. Additionally, its hook-and-loop sanding disks are easy to switch out so that you can keep your project moving along efficiently. While other power sanders can also serve as effective woodworking tools, the orbital sander won’t leave scratches or unusual patterns in the wood.

Must-Have Woodworking Machinery

 Power drills are one type of woodworking tool.

Larger woodworking tools are useful if you want to craft more intricate designs or shapes with the wood. For example, many people use a handheld saw and a miter box to create crosscuts for moldings and other intersecting wood pieces. While a miter saw is a bit more expensive, it makes this process easier and delivers more accurate crosscuts.

A band saw is similar to a table saw in appearance, except that the band saw uses a straight vertical blade. You’ll move the wood along the blade to cut it according to your measurements. Band saws are especially useful in cutting wood into curved shapes. They’re also more versatile than table saws.

When you need a more accurate method of drilling holes, a handheld power drill might not be the best choice of woodworking tools. For greater precision, a drill press is the better option. The flat surface on the drill press provides steady support as you lower the drill. The drill press is also preferable when you need to make matching holes in several different pieces.

When you want to shape wood into smooth curves, a lathe is the best machine to use. It turns and contours the wood in a rapid spinning motion. This machine is ideal for crafting table legs and other cylindrical shapes.

Practicing Safety in the Workshop

In addition to finding the best woodworking tools for your project, it’s essential to think about safety. You should always wear personal protective equipment that includes eye protection, work gloves, and a respirator to prevent inhaling dust and wood particles. When operating woodworking machinery, wear ear protection as well.

In addition to personal protective equipment, make sure you have the right workplace setup for your project. You should have a solid and durable work table that provides support as you use your handheld woodworking tools. Many workbenches come with vices and other features installed. If you build your own workbench, install vices on the corners.

Keep a trash can nearby for debris to avoid trip and fall hazards. A dust collection system will help improve air quality in your garage or work shed. Finally, a shop vacuum will come in handy for cleaning up sawdust and small debris that collects on table tops and floors.

Start With a High-Quality Wood Supplier

Reliance is happy to share all that we know about woodworking tools.

Even before you start gathering your tools and equipment, you’ll need to design your project. An important part of the planning process involves choosing a wood and timber supplier. Finding a source for high-quality wood will make it possible to get the best results for your woodworking project.