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Wood Talks: Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Cypress, and White Pine

Wood talks with Gary Campbell and Eustace Conway talk about the unique qualities of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Cypress, and White Pine. Is your timber supply meeting your quality standards? Tune in to wood talks to hear which wood type is the correct choice for your next building project. Contact us to learn more!

Wood Talks: Western Red Cedar, White Pine, Cypress, and Douglas Fir

Gary Campbell: My name’s Gary Campbell with Reliance Timber, and today we’ve got Eustace Conway with Turtle Island Preserve with us, and we’re going to talk about some of our products.

Eustace Conway: With Reliance Timber, you can come in, tell them what you want, and they’ll satisfy you.

Gary Campbell: We are all about specialty wood products. We offer Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Cypress, and White Pine. White Pine is great for logs, siding, and tongue and groove paneling. White Pine is a great economical choice. This piece is Douglas fir.

Eustace Conway: Oh, that’s pretty.

Gary Campbell: Rough sawn.

Eustace Conway: I love that texture.

Gary Campbell: There are rot-resistant properties with Douglas Fir. Many people use it outside; it’s known for its strength and structure.

Eustace Conway: If it has to spend a long distance, you can count on it to be strong.

Gary Campbell: That’s the one to use. An here, we’ve got Cyprus.

Eustace Conway: Oh yeah, that’s very rot resistant.

Gary Campbell: It is rot resistant, known as swamp wood.

Eustace Conway: Swamp wood!

Gary Campbell: Cypress works when strength is essential, and decay-resistance is vital. It’s used a lot for outdoor use for posts and beams for exterior siding that they want to be decay-resistant. Cypress is a good choice.

Eustace Conway: What do you have right here?

Gary Campbell: This is Western Red Cedar; it’s easy to work with lightweight.

Eustace Conway: Cedar is rot-resistant, which has great value. If you care about your grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoying the house. There’s less maintenance with Cedar and less chance of rotting due to moisture.

Gary Campbell: It’s not known for its strength and structural integrity. So you don’t use this in the way of rafters and ridge beams.

At Reliance timber, we feel like we’re educators and teachers. Our wood talks teach people the different characteristics of wood and why they should choose one over another. We feel like it’s essential to make the right choice, and our job every day is to help people make the right choice.

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