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What Is Bevel Siding? Exploring Siding Styles for Your Home

Designing a home or commercial building involves so many small decisions that have a major impact. And one of the more significant decisions is what kind of siding you use in your construction. 

The goal should be to find one that makes the exterior of the building look great, increases its value, and happens to be incredibly durable. Is there such a siding style that has it all? Let’s talk about bevel siding and why it might just win out as the best option for your home’s siding.

What is Bevel Siding?

So exactly what is bevel siding? While it’s one of the most popular choices for homeowners and contractors, choosing your home’s siding isn’t something you research daily. But knowing about this option can help you make the right decision. Here are some hallmark aspects of bevel siding that make it universally adored.

A Timeless Look

Bevel siding is typically made from wood, with pine and cedar being the top two options. And everyone already knows how great all wood siding can look on a home. Your home’s exterior will never look better than it does when adorned with this siding’s unique grain and striking beveled edges.

The Definition of Durable

Bevel siding’s popularity also stems from how long it lasts. It can withstand all kinds of damage that other materials can’t, like insect damage and decay. It also naturally lasts for many years, provided that you have it installed by a professional. The natural sturdiness of cedar and pine gives it an advantage over other options, making it weather-resistant and therefore a fantastic choice for all climates.

More Flexibility

Another feature to love about bevel siding is its easy customization. You can use virtually any finish you can imagine, including stain and paint. This flexibility makes it easy to do whatever you want with your home’s exterior aesthetic. Leave it mostly alone for a beautiful, natural look, or go wild and paint it a loud color. The options are truly limitless.

Other Notable Aspects of Bevel Siding

Wavy Edge Wood Siding
Even with these benefits, bevel siding will understandably not be for everyone. To help you decide once and for all if it’s right for you, check out some additional elements that make bevel siding stand out.

Various Profiles

You can typically order bevel siding in different profiles, like single, double, or triple. Each option provides a unique look, so you can choose whichever speaks to your design philosophy the most.


If you’re thinking in practical terms, bevel siding is still a fantastic option if you want to regulate the temperature inside your home and lower your energy consumption. These features also help make wood an environmentally friendly building material, so using any siding made from it is a good choice if you’re interested in practicing sustainability.


One of the only caveats to bevel siding is that it can require more maintenance than other options. However, keeping up with it ensures it will always look great and be protected from weathering or UV damage.


Some siding options, like stone or brick, can be extremely expensive. But bevel siding has a much lower upfront cost. Since it lasts longer than many other options, it’s also a much more cost-effective choice for your home’s siding, even if it requires occasional maintenance.

The Bottom Line on Bevel Siding

With the question, “What is bevel siding?” now answered, you probably know whether it’s right for you. This siding solution offers many advantages to homeowners who want something with customizable options and better durability. 

It’s also not without flaws, of course, requiring more maintenance than other options as a trade-off for its beautiful appearance and long lifespan. Still, it remains one of the best investments for residential homes, thanks to its versatile nature and aesthetic appeal. And with the right type of bevel siding, you can completely transform your home from the outside in.