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Poplar Bark

Make your home extra special and give it the attention to detail it deserves with Reliance Timber’s maintenance-free Poplar Bark Siding. Sourced only during the summer months from felled Tulip Poplar trees, Poplar Bark siding is easy to install and maintains its beautifully-rustic appearance with no staining or sealing required. Eco-friendly, as well as decorative and practical, Poplar Bark Siding is naturally resistant to the elements, does not attract carpenter bees or termites, and adds a layer of insulation to your home. 


As a kiln-dried product, it is suitable for both interior and exterior walls, making a beautiful accent to windows, porches, dormers, gables, and even hot tub enclosures. Poplar Bark siding is a unique and natural alternative to other common, outdated or synthetic home sidings. Whether you want your house to stand out from other homes or to blend more seamlessly into its surroundings, Poplar Bark Siding provides unrivaled elegance, style, durability, and a rustic charm that is all its own. 


Reliance Timber varieties are available in 18” and 24”.


The history of Poplar Bark siding is also very interesting. History shows us that it dates back to the 17th century when poplar bark siding was incorporated as a protective exterior cladding for a variety of structures. During this period, sketches by English explorers and settlers detail encounters with North American Indians who used bark as a siding for their dwellings. For instance, the Waxhaw tribe, originally located in what is now Union and Lancaster counties of North and South Carolina, respectively, used bark cladding extensively on their huts. 

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Available in 18″ and 24″.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 70 × 80 in