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We create master-quality timber for the finest homes using only the most beautiful natural materials.





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Introducing: Reliance Timber! New Name, Same Quality Products

It’s official! As of June 4th our company will be completely rebranded: formerly known as Boone Custom Forest Products, we are now Reliance Timber.

From day one, our goal has been to create master-quality timber for the finest homes using only the most beautiful natural materials. That goal has not changed. However, in order to fulfill our mission of being best-in-class, we felt that our brand needed to reflect the quality that we put into each of the products we sell.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we’ve gone from Boone Custom Forestry Products to Reliance Timber.

First, let’s start with the name!


The name “Reliance Timber” came after much thought and debate. We thought of everything we stood for, and values that got to the core of what we strive to give our customers and came up with the word “reliable.” For all our customers – builders, homeowners, and distributors – we strive to be their reliable source of wood products.

Definition of reliance :

: the act of relying

: the state of being reliant

: something or someone relied on

Thus, Reliance Timber was created. You can rely on us to get you the wood products you need.

Additional reasons:

  • It’s shorter than Boone Custom Forest Products! Less words makes it easy to remember
  • It’s not location specific. We serve clients around the country and even in Europe. Our wood products are sourced from the Appalachian mountains and from out West.


Deciding on our overall brand look and feel was an essential part of our rebrand. We desired to have the uniqueness of our products and processes on display every time someone browsed our website, followed us on social media or visited our location.

With that in mind, we focused on four things that we want to be evident every time a customer interacts with our brand:

  1. Our high-quality process for milling timber
  2. The quality in every product we produce
  3. Beautiful imagery featuring the places our products come from
  4. Our experience and knowledge in the timber industry

These four items are integrated throughout our brand – in our copy, photography, social media, website, and marketing materials. We want people to “Discover the beauty of fine-crafted timber.”


The logo is an important part of any brand. Think of it as your business’ footprint. Wherever you go, it goes!

As we transitioned from our old logo (bottom left) to our new logo (bottom right), several things inspired the new look.

  1. The use of earth tones that give the feel of sustainability, renewed life, and nature.
  2. A simple color scheme. Using only black, white and green, we kept the variances of color very simple. As a result, we have a logo that is clean, modern, and fresh.
  3. Big, bold typeface. With a name like “Reliance,” we felt it was only fitting to have a font that could hold its own.
  4. Our process of sourcing the finest woods for beautiful homes. This process is captured in our logo image. As you study it, you may see both a home and tree. This was intentional – showing the smooth transition from a tree into a beautiful home. Further, each piece of wood has its place and can clearly be seen in our logo. We are meticulous about maintaining high-quality craftsmanship with each and every log we produce. The logo reflects that idea by showing each and every log.


First, throughout our site we focus on telling the story of our unique products, processes, and credibility. We use videos and PDFs to educate our customer’s on the importance of sourcing wood and choosing the right type of wood for the project they want.

Second, we wanted to emphasize end-product imagery & portfolio items. You’ll see large, high-quality images throughout the site to help capture the beauty of the end result. We want people to see “quality” in every photo.

Lastly, we did some rearranging to make the site easier to navigate for our users. As you stroll through the site, you’ll notice clearly divided sections and hard lines. People can now come to our site and quickly see how to access products, see pictures, and get in contact with our team.


We have a long history dating back to 1986, but this is just the beginning. We’ve gone through changes, adaptations, and improvements. We’ve honed our message and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible expertise and experience. We create master-quality timber for the finest homes using only the most beautiful natural materials. Discover the beauty of fine-crafted timber. 

Please browse our brand new website and if you have any questions, give us a call.


Reliance Timber Team