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Views that Wow: How Hog Panel Deck Railing Transforms Your Outdoor Experience

Reliance Timber has always been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality materials. Today, we’ve expanded the ways we can make your home beautiful through a partnership with Wild Hog Railing. Wild Hog Panel deck railings let you enjoy stunning landscapes like never before.

Making the Most of Your Home’s Exterior

Achieving a beautiful exterior is a top priority for many homeowners, but doing so takes the right materials. That is what drives the diversity of products we offer at Reliance Timber. When you work with us to enhance your home’s exterior, we’ll always provide a full range of stunning wood options, but now, we’re able to expand the unique styles we can offer through our partnership with Wild Hog Panel deck railings.

Wild Hog’s wire panels are inspired by traditional welded livestock panels, and they are adapted for use in any style of home exterior. They are available with a variety of finishes, sizes, and materials, allowing them to easily accent the wood of your deck and home exterior.

Both fence and stair panels are available, as well, making Wild Hog Panel deck railings perfect for any application and able to provide a consistent and stunning appearance throughout all of your outdoor living areas.

These versatile panels are also an excellent option for interior use, as they deliver a rustic appearance that will match your indoor wood surfaces perfectly.

Wild Hog Panel deck railings let you enjoy stunning landscapes like never before.

Enjoying Your Natural View

Your home’s deck may overlook some stunning vistas, but traditional deck railing options tend to lead to tight, claustrophobic spaces that prevent you from taking full advantage of your home’s natural view lines. One of the biggest perks of Wild Hog Panel deck railing, on the other hand, is that it doesn’t obscure your view. Instead of boxing yourself in, you’ll make your home another part of the natural environment.

The unique wire construction of these panels, along with their 4” by 4” mesh pattern, provides the stability you need from your deck rails, gates, and other applications. Combined with the wide range of wood products our team offers, you can use Wild Hog Panel deck railings to achieve a beautiful outdoor space with stunning, unobstructed natural views.

Wild Hog Panel Deck Railings Are Built to Last

When it comes to your home’s deck, along with its stair rails, fences, gates, and other exterior items, you need to know that they’re all built to last. To that end, Wild Hog panel deck railings not only provide a beautiful appearance, but they do so while minimizing necessary maintenance and maximizing longevity.

In fact, Wild Hog panel deck railings have significantly lower maintenance requirements than other traditional options, such as wood pickets, and beyond that, they deliver in every area that counts, such as strength, durability, style, and visibility.

These railings are made of strong, six-gauge steel, welded at cross points to deliver a durable mesh, and each panel is treated with a four-stage phosphate rinse, followed up by a coat of zinc powder primer.

The end result is the highest level of corrosion resistance, which gives you a deck railing panel that is, indeed, built to last. A variety of additional coatings can be applied after the primer to deliver the right style for your home, as well, with both black and silver finishes able to work in different situations to perfect your home’s exterior.

Therefore, instead of a constant need for painting, staining, and otherwise spending far too much time maintaining your deck railing panels, you can count on Wild Hog panel deck railings to let you sit back, enjoy the view, and rely on the longevity of your deck railing panels.

See How You Can Revolutionize Your Home Exterior

The wide range of products already offered by Reliance Timber can deliver stunning results for any style of home, but taking advantage of Wild Hog Panel deck railings lets you achieve beauty in even more aspects of your home’s exterior. Check out our products featuring Wild Hog Panel deck railings today.