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Reliance Timber Wood Talks: Tongue And Groove, D Log Siding, and Square Logs

Tongue and groove, D log siding, square logs, and flat log siding! Gary Campbell and Eustace Conway talk about the quality wood products that reliance timber offers. Tune in to hear which wood type is the correct choice for your next building project. Contact us to learn more!

Gary & Eustace Discuss D Log Siding, Tongue and Groove, and Square Logs

Jim Ceratt: When I’m looking for logs for a particular product, moisture content, you don’t have to fine-tune your questions to ensure you get what you want. You kind of know what you’re getting because there’s an industry standard, and they’re above the industry standard when it comes to that.

Gary Campbell: Basically, we do round, and we do Flat Log Siding and Logs. And right here, we’ve got Eastern White Pine, and we’ve got D Log Siding – shaped like a letter D.

Eustace Conway: Hold that one up right here, see the water would shed right off. And before it gets in there, then it drops right down. So the water stays down. That’s one of the main things.

Gary Campbell: It just runs right off.

Eustace Conway: This way, Reliance Timber makes their timbers, so they fit together is going to be a lot more energy-efficient house. It’s going to be closer to modern standards. So it’s taking the old world materials, like big logs and timbers, and making them reach the standards of a modern house.

Gary Campbell: And so we do it in different thicknesses. We’ve got 3×8, and the thicker it is, the more curvature we can achieve. So here is a 3×8 D Log Siding with a nice healthy curve. Whereas we’ve got 2×8 D Log Siding right here, it costs less money because you’re paying for 2×8 instead of 3×8.

This piece is an 8×12 D Log. And here you can see it looks like a letter D. The outside of the house is round, and the inside wall is flat. So the logs for the log house, the exterior walls will be log, the interior walls in a log house usually are stick framed, and we sell a Tongue and Groove to match the log for the inside walls.

So we’ll make Tongue and Groove paneling that matches it. In this case, this is a 1×6 Tongue and Groove. We make 1×12 Tongue and Groove to match the size.

Eustace Conway: Gotcha.

Gary Campbell: The inside walls can match the log size.

Eustace Conway: The exterior wall.

Gary Campbell: Yes. We also do flat logs. And with flat logs, we do Square Logs with a Chink Slot, or we also do German Chink Logs.

In this case, this is a flat log with a Chink Slot, designed to accept chinking material, which is almost like mortar. Nowadays, they make chinking that is kind of like caulk, and it’s flexible, it’s texture. We’re doing things like double tongue and groove, creating a double seal to keep wind,  moisture, and weather, just keeping it all out.

Eustace Conway: And insects too.

Gary Campbell: The quality of the service and the product’s quality are very important to us. And we have not just guys checking to make sure things are good. We have guys backing them up, double-checking it, and triple-checking to ensure that we’re sending the correct product out the gate.

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